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Отец Джон Френсис Руэл Толкин как "образец" христианской морали, настоящий "любитель детей"

Павел Ткачев пишет "Кристофер продолжал дело отца: через язык, культуру и литературу рассказывать о Христианстве тем, кто давно забыл что он – христианин. Помяни Господи Кристофера во Царствии Твоем."

Про соболезнования о смерти  Кристофера Толкина я уже писал ниже в журнале.

А сейчас напишу про успехи в рассказах о христианстве через литературу.

На мой взгляд , это довольно лицемерная позиция, потому что  Джон Толкин старший и Кристофер потерпели полную неудачу по привитию христианских ценностей в семье.

Дело  в том,что в толкиновском фэндоме как -то само собой почему -то утвердился взгляд на то ,что христианство и /или "эльфийскость" как -то дают особые бонусы к моральной чистоте.

Но у меня есть мощный контраргумент.

Речь у нас пойдет об отце Джоне Френсисе Руэле Толкине, старшем сыне Профессора Случай о котором пойдет речь  IICSA -   т.е.The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse настолько известен,что удостоился отдельной статьи в Википедии  и нескольких газетных публикаций.

И я глубоко сомневаюсь,что такой толкинист с многолетним стажем как Павел Ткачев о них не знает.

Речь о скажем так глубокой  многолетней интимной привязанности отца Джона к маленьким детям.

В первую очередь речь идет о мистере Кристофере Каррие.  Как пишет Гардиан

"The recording was made in June 1994 by Christopher Carrie, a Birmingham man who told the IICSA that John Tolkien sexually assaulted him twice in 1956"

То есть еще при жизни своего отца:)

А вот еще Даниэл, алтарник отца Френсиса. Конкретно речь об этой  "специальной церемонии"

"It petrified me,” he recalled. “I went to the lectern and could feel my heart going through my chest. I just couldn’t get the words out. Tolkien came close, said ‘Get out of here’ and did the reading himself. After the mass, he said I had to be at his house, which was next door, on Saturday morning for reading lessons.”

The priest, Daniel claimed, had set his trap. And, he says, he had no choice but to walk into his web.

“He took me in a room,” he claimed, “and started lighting candles and drawing curtains. I’m thinking, it’s ten in the morning and he’s drawing curtains for a reading lesson?’ He told me he was going to do a special ceremony, that I had been chosen, that something very special was going to happen.

“He told me to kneel on a cushion stool and take my shorts down. He then pulled my underwear down and started playing with my genitals.”

It was a “special ceremony” that would be repeated twice more, the inquiry has been told. “I remember the beginning, then it’s a blank. I don’t know how long it proceeded for,” said Daniel.


И хотя по состоянию здоровья отец Френсис не попал под судебное преследование. Как пишет The Telegraph цитируя Кристофера Каррие

" I was aware that a file has been sent to the CPS but I have been asked by the police not to comment further. They said the whole inquiry was very sensitive."

Detectives were initially told that Fr Tolkien, who lives in Oxford, was not physically fit enough to be questioned. After further representations to his lawyers, however, they interviewed him for several hours."

И Римская католическая церковь даже выплачивала компенсацию мистеру Кристоферу Каррие.

"THE Roman Catholic Church has reached an out-of-court settlement with a former Scout who claimed that he was sexually abused by Father John Tolkien, the son of J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, it was disclosed yesterday.

The archdiocese of Birmingham awarded Christopher Carrie £15,000 in compensation.

Mr Carrie, 57, from Solihull, West Midlands, claimed that the priest assaulted him in a Birmingham church more than 40 years ago and sued the archdiocese, saying it had breached its duty of care.

И видимо не только Каррие и Даниэля как пишет Birminghamlive были еще и скауты, из -за которых отца Джона даже отправляли на лечение (но видимо не помогло)

The alleged sexual abuse is said to have taken place while Fr Tolkien was a priest in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham in the 1950s, when the complainant was 12.

Mrs Carey told the inquiry the then Archbishop of Birmingham, Maurice Couve de Murville, informed the complainant in 1993 that Fr Tolkien was in poor health and was going to retire.

The lawyer told the inquiry panel, which is sitting in London: "As part of Archbishop Couve de Murville's 1993 inquiries, he appears to have read a note from 1968 which alleged that Fr Tolkien had made some Boy Scouts strip naked."

А может и еще  НАМНОГО больше неизвестных

" It was based primarily upon the allegations of one man, Christopher Carrie, who had accused Father Tolkien of abusing him as a child, and indeed hundreds of other children as well."

Почему  так поздно вкрылось? Так обычное дело -потому что покрывали вышестоящие иерархи, конкретно в данном случае архиепископ Бирмингемский

Хотя ему это потом припомнили

Правда в защиту отца Френсиса можно сказать то,что  как указано в цитированной  выше статье из Гардиан  он сам стал жертвой сексуального насилия в детстве со стороны одного из друзей своего отца (курсив мой).

"When the priest was asked if he had been abused himself as a child, he said: “When I was a boy I was constantly surrounded by my father and colleagues of my father. Almost without exception, his colleagues were academics and, you know, some of them were pretty strange fellows …. Often, people would stay the night at our house …. I often awoke in the morning to find someone sharing my bed. More often than not, it would be … well, I don’t intend to name names, just to say that this particular person who I loved dearly, not in a sexual way, you understand, this person would be fast asleep, huddled up next to me when I woke in the morning. Well, let’s say things had gone on in the night. I knew this. If you wake up with your pyjamas off and they were on when you went to sleep you would wonder, wouldn’t you?”"

Так что видимо столь интересная традиция имеет глубокие корни.

В ощем если интересуетесь  делом IICSA подробно  просто процитаете ключевой документ - Opening for case study into Archdiocese of Birmingham


Да, Надя Яр nadiayar может быть довольна мне остается ей только поаплодировать в данном случае.

Интересно,что скажут  на это  anariel_rowen и Юлия Понедельник julia_monday?

ConferenceofReligious,andifnotalreadyalignedtoasafeguardingcommission,istoalignitselfwiththeBirminghamSafeguardingCommission.Thepolicyisdesignedtoensureand/orreinforcetotheReligiousInstitutetheArchbishop’sexpectationthatnationalpoliciesarefollowed.However,asArchbishopLongleymakesplain,itistheresponsibilityoftheReligiousSuperiorstoensurethattheinstitutedoesinfactjointheConferenceanddoes in fact align with a safeguarding commission.40.AsImentionedearlier,thereare65ReligiousInstitutesministeringwithintheArchdiocese.AccordingtoCSASrecords,29ofthesearealignedwiththeBirminghamSafeguardingCommissionand1moreisinthefinalstagesofthealignmentprocess.InpreparingArchbishopLongley’sstatementfortheInquiry,theArchdioceseissuedquestionnairestotheReligiousInstitutes.HestatesthatsomeoftheReligiousInstitutesthatdonotappearontheCSASlistinfactconsiderthemselvesalignedtotheBirminghamSafeguardingCommissionandsoitmaybethatmorethanthe30outof65knownReligiousarealigned.However,itmayalsobenoteworthythat13ReligiousInstitutes did not reply to the questionnaire.Four case studies41.Duringthecourseofevidencethisweek,theInquirywillbefocussingonthecasesinvolvingSamuelPenney,JamesRobinson,FatherJohnTolkienandthepriestRC-F187.Indoingso,theInquirywillbeabletoconsider,asisclearfromthecasesofPenneyandRobinson,theresponseoftheCatholicChurchwherethoseindividualscommittednumeroushistoricactsofchildsexualabuseandwereeventuallyconvictedandreceivedsentencesofimprisonment.Followingtheirconvictionsboththosepriestswerelaicisedi.e.returnedtothelaystate,hencewhyIdonotrefertothemasFrPenneyandFr Robinson.42.InthecasesofFatherTolkienandRC-F187,bothpriestsfacedallegationsofchildsexualabuse.Therehasbeennocriminalconvictionorcivilfindingagainsteitherpriest.Theircasesinevitablyinvolveadifferentresponsebythe Archdioces
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